PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®


This preparation course creates an awareness of the concepts and helps in assessing and identifying the risks in a project and implement proper plans to mitigate the threats and capitalize on the opportunities.

This course covers the various of the Risk like Risk Communication, Risk Governance, Risk Analysis and Risk Response Planning

Training Objectives:

·         Prepare to pass the (PMI-RMP)® Exam

·         You will have a better understanding on the concepts of Risk Management

·         You will be able to develop a Risk Management Plan

·         You will be able to implement the Risk Management Plan to counter the Negative Risks or Threats and Cash on the Positive Risks or Opportunities



·         Educational Background: High school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent

·         Professional Work Experience: 3 to 5 years of professional work experience, with at least 3,000 hours of experience in project risk management.

·         Project Risk Management Education: 30 hours of formal education in Project Risk Management

Target Group:

·         Program managers

·         Project managers

·         Project coordinators

·         Project leaders

·         Project team members

·         Engineers

·         IT professionals

·         Other who are directly or indirectly involved in Project Management


Training Modules:

·         L2F0001 Foundation Concepts of Risk Management

·         L2F0002 Risk Management Planning

·         L2F0003 Risk Identification

·         L2F0004 Qualitative Risk Analysis

·         L2F0005 Quantitative Risk Analysis

·         L2F0006 Risk Response Planning

·         L2F0007 Risk Monitoring and Control

·         L2F0008 Risk Communication

·         L2F0009 Risk Analysis

·         L2F0010 Risk Response Planning

·         L2F0011 Risk Governance

·         L2F0012 Stakeholder Risk Attitudes

·         L2F0013 Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation : Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis


Training Materials

·         Power Point Presentations of the Training Modules / Units

·         PDF of Detailed Explanation of the Training Modules / Units

·         Case Studies for Each Course

Duration: 30 hours

Applicants for the above programs may also apply for scholarship grants. Qualified cases shall be provided scholarship grant up to maximum 50% of the program fees.