Arabic Center: Teacher Training Programme For Non-Arabic Speakers

  • 01/13/2019

From a seed to a blooming tree, this was the journey of the Arabic Center for non-native speakers, which was established five years ago and became a growing center, funded by local and international institutions. 

The teacher training programme ‘Teaching Arabic to Non-native Speakers’ was launched in cooperation with the University of Glasgow as part of UK-funded research entitled ‘Accelerating the impact of the Online Arabic from Palestine(OAfP) language course’.  

This programme aims at training (19) Arabic-language teachers in using creative teaching methods and innovative techniques to teach Arabic to non-native speakers. The trainees, taking part in the program, are IUG graduates from the Faculty of English and Arabic Language who were selected among over 100 applicants, based on several criteria which included their graduation year, academic results and GPA. Sixty of them took a competency test, and the successful graduates were interviewed and finally, (19) of them were involved in the program.