CSCED inaugurates course in Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers

  • 06/03/2015

Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) - Palestine has become a world renowned university. It has agreed with some international universities and professional institutions to cooperate in delivering professional programmes to our Palestinian community, as IUG contributes as well in the development of other communities using its own programs, Community Service & Continuing Education Deanship (CSCED) at IUG is pleased to announce the beginning of registration for Online academic and non-academic programmes in association with Middle East Africa Learning Systems (MEALS) – Kingdom of Bahrain.

These programmes aim to enable the Palestinian participants, in particular and other leaners in general to join professional and academic courses held online through respectful universities and certified centers. Moreover, IUG has its own programs that target local and international communities to provide them with distinguished experience and knowledge about areas that might be interesting to them, such as learning Arabic language and Islamic studies.

MEALS Online Academic Courses:

1.     Research PhD in Arts & Humanities, Business Administration & Education

2.     MSc in Management, Social Science & Arts and Humanities

MEALS Online Professional Training & Certification Preparation Workshops:

1.     Project Management Professional (PMP)

2.     Project Risk Management Professional (PM-RMP)

3.     Certified Associate in project management (CAPM)

IUG Online Courses:

1.     Arabic for Non-Native Speakers

2.     Palestinian Studies in English

3.     Islamic Studies in English

Register now through IUG & get a special discount (Mini. 25% - Max. 75%)

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